Hi there! My name is Hal Kasof and I’m a queer illustrator/storyboarder! My art can be found at “honeydotes” on twitter, and instagram!

I’ve always had an interest in horror, particularly horror involving body horror, body melt and the uncanny valley- though a lot of my current fascination has been taken up by fairies. I always found fairies one of the most fascinating horror monsters, if also because they’re so lightly taken about despite the number of horrifying things they do. I liked the ideas of fairies presenting themselves as imitations of other things. Fairies always seemed fascinated with humans and “normal” life, so I liked the idea of fairies trying to imitate real life beings with incredibly uncanny valley results.

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3 thoughts on “Fairies”

  1. Hkasof your tumblr, twitter and Insta all now stand empty :( the redbubble is still up so that’s great but just wondering if you were going through a rough tine đź’•đź’•


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