Love Shore: A Diverse Cast, A Diverse Narrative

Do you like horror (of course you do)? How about an almost entirely LGBTQ cast with LGBTQ developers (this is getting obvious)? Now let’s make it a visual novel with heavy sci-fi elements and maybe also a dating sim.

This is the concept of Love Shore. Taken from their Kickstarter, “Love Shore is a visual novel game that takes concepts we’ve always loved in sci-fi, action, and horror and blends them together to create something wild. It features a queer, diverse cast, a seemingly endless city, and a story of coming into yourself and doing what you think is right…with a heavy dose of drama and violence mixed in for good measure”.

A demo is available and they have met their goal for Kickstarter! However, that does not mean the work is over and we were able to get a chance to talk to Emmett and Son from the development team about the history of the game and where to go from here.

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Welcome to Recondite Hill

Welcome to the town of Recondite Hill. This small town is home to the bizarre and monstrous things that lurk at the edge of the darkness. The weird and strange that creep into local legend and folklore, warping a location into a mysterious hot spot of ‘what ifs’ and camp fire stories.

GenderTerror had the pleasure of meeting the founders of Recondite Hill and asking them about their project to try and capture the strange happenstance that occur here.

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The Curious Interview Involving Natasha and the Ali

Originally starting with Ophiuchus, Natasha Tara Petrović and Ali Leriger de la Plante (as Dream Cake) are bringing their writing and art together for another project. The Curious Mystery Involving Dracula and the Wolfman follows the named characters as they attempt to find Frankenstein’s birthday gift that was stolen during an attempted murder on the Count himself! GenderTerror was able to talk to both Natasha and Ali about the project which is currently on Kickstarter.

GenderTerror: Can you describe The Curious Mystery Involving Dracula and the Wolfman a bit?

Natasha & Ali: The Curious Mystery Involving Dracula and the Wolfman is a short comic based on a short story written by Ali, and adapted to visual format by Natasha. It follows the story of Dracula, who has been stabbed and burgled by an unknown assailant. He, along with Wolfman, must track down the thief, who has stolen the gift for Frakenstein’s birthday the following day. It’s a mystery/comedy with your favourite bloodthirsty monsters.

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