LGB……t Pride: The Non-Existence of Trans* People At Pride Events

This year I went to my first two Pride parades in the month of June. This story is about my experience at NYC Pride on June 30th. A week before the event, me and my trans woman friend Alice decided to do a rather radical way of bringing trans* awareness to the Pride parade. In NYC, it is legal for people of all genders to be topless. I have not had any surgeries, yet I am on hormones. This means I still have rather prominent moobs, but I am also a rather hairy guy. I also painted a male symbol on my stomach and had a two-sided sign; one side said My Body Does Not Define Me and the other side said Trans* Rights are Human Rights. I also wore my hoodie and my trans* symbol necklace. I made it as apparent as possible that I was trans* and male (which is something I do on a daily basis).

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