Hey there! My name is Lonnie, I’m a mixed Latinx trans artist living in the Portland area.

I’ve been a fan of horror for a while, but only recently have I started to look into book and movie classics. A  lot of my own  inspirations that lend to my  horror work are things like Watership Down, abandoned amusement parks, liminal spaces, stop motion, puppetry, and Fantadroms.

This specific piece was about a recent bout of dysphoria. When I become too shabby and my hair starts to grow out I start to  fret over it to the point where my physical appearance as a whole becomes something I hate looking at. It doesn’t happen too often anymore as I’ve gotten more comfortable with myself but it comes and goes.

If you would like to see more of my work you can find me here!:

Tumblr: spacegills

Twitter: AxolotlKing

Instagram: sixgills

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