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Welcome to GenderTerror.com a site dedicated to queer and LGBTQ horror themes! GenderTerror seeks to explore the intersection of identity, gender, sexuality, and horror as well as education on these topics. So, pick a door and get started!

GenderTerror.com will feature articles on horror media, artists, writers, media review, as well as some non-fiction with LGBTQ themes centered around horror. This site will discuss topics of sex, gore, suicide, and other potentially triggering content. Such content will be marked appropriately, but be forewarned.

So, what is GenderTerror?
GenderTerror is a website that focuses on horror in a queer and trans light. For queer people, by queer people. This site seeks to explore the LGBTQ aspects of horror in media as well as in the minds of those who live and breathe the genre. We on exploration, media reviews, and highlighting queer content creators who focus on horror.

Originally GenderTerror was a website for radical education on queer and trans issues as well as whatever Lucian felt like writing about. However, after falling off the boat for a bit in interest, GenderTerror is reopening as a website with the Terror really in mind. After a vicious lack of motivation and writers block, GenderTerror is transitioning to a new chapter in life. All the old works are found under the Educational tab and the List of All Works tab.

Who is the creator?

Lucian Clark is a born and raised South New Jersey queer, polyamorous, non-binary trans person with a penchant for horror, werewolves, rats and video games. They have a B.A. in Psychology from Post University as well as a dual minor in Human Services and Sociology. They have been published on websites such as Advocate, inourwordsblog.com, gendersplendor.org, and Quail Pipe. You can follow them on twitter at @TinyAwoo and tumblr (Tinyawoo).

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