Grrr… Don’t Misgender Me!

  The idea hit me while I was drawing something else completely different: a non-binary mummy, who’s tattered strips form the color scheme of the non-binary pride flag. It was weird and silly and I knew I needed to draw it immediately. As I started to sketch ideas, I knew that I didn’t want this […]

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Ox, Ox, Ox

Before leaving, Val’s mother went to her room, kissed her twice on the cheeks, and once on the forehead. Call me if you need something, she said, brushing her daughter’s tight curls with her fingertips, anything. Val groaned. I’m not dying, she argued, but only received more kisses in return. I only broke a couple […]

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Lucille header

Beauty in the Beast: On Lucille

Werewolves are a centuries old monster, representing everything from change to the animalistic tendencies of humans. Werewolves of some sort are seen in almost every culture across the globe. Shape changers are something that has captivated and horrified for years, so how does one create a spin on the time old story? Coey Kuhn, an […]

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