Mothman 50’s Dinner Pinup

The though process I had whilst making this piece for Gender Terror, was akin to the consumption of queer-coded media for the general public. What once was a source of shame and guilt for many, has now been re-branded and put into a new light. Drag queens are now main stream, queer reality shows, and general access information about the LGBTQ+ can be found nearly everywhere. Thirty years ago that seemed impossible. The parallel to how a creature such as Mothman was once a source of fear, and now he is regarded as being a fun lovable pop culture character. I wanted my queer-coded rendition of Mothman to be especially colourful and alluring to the eye, the 50’s aesthetic without the rampant homophobia of the times. -Vivi

Vivi Partridge is a queer freelance illustrator, who draws many monstrous pinups as well as other cool SFW subject matters. They studied illustration at Seneca College for an amount of time, have two pet rats, unironically loves high school musical (1, 2 & 3), and wishes they could spend all their time making art.

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