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hello, i’m nick! i’m an ftm man born and raised in nyc, and my favorite art topics are ultraviolence, body horror, decomp, and general gross crap that isn’t appropriate to talk about with your dad at the dinner table. at the moment, you can catch me on twitter or on my art tumblr.

i feel like the exploration of graphic horror has helped me to understand this concept of life – both mine and my loved ones’ – being something fragile, where everything can change in an instant, and so it’s important for me to be honest with myself every day and try to live life fully. horror, therefore, was sort of the jumping off point for my transitioning journey, in that i wanted further honesty with myself and my identity. the acceptance of death, gore, violence etc. has helped me to accept myself as i am in life and reminded me to count my blessings.

with all this being said, dental horror and teeth trauma stuff are a soft spot for me. it’s simple shorthand for the major transformation of the body and links back to a lot of dreams i’ve had of the transformation of my own self into some kind of creature, first through the loss of my teeth. the man here is a character of mine, l.t., who’s been sort of a standin for my own explorations of gender, sexuality, and violence for the past few years.

i’m genuinely thrilled to be able to contribute to genderterror, and i’m looking forward to exploring deeper transfigurations with you all. :)

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Author: nick

hi, jason voorhees should gimme a kiss commission me here!: http://dddrawfucker.tumblr.com/post/149415231217/base-prices-sketches-pencil-red-ink-binary

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