Self Goretrait

Warning: Blood, gore, organs



I’m Kelly, a bisexual cis woman with bipolar disorder, and you can find more of my work on my twitter or my art tumblr. If you’re a fan of my work, I currently offer commissions! Watch out! My art isn’t often the kind you can safely enjoy at work! I’m a big fan of gore and erotica and especially enjoy combining the two.

Horror has always enchanted me because as a genre it so often portrays people, villains or protagonists, at their most base. Their core components are completely exposed, there for you to turn over in your minds eye and understand. Growing up with bipolar disorder, it was often difficult for me to grasp how others perceived the world, and even for me to perceive it myself. With horror, there was never any real question about why everyone, human and monster both, was motivated to do what they were doing. There was a simplicity there that made me feel at ease, and that made it very easy for me to enjoy as a result.

Gore and monsters have always been a major theme in my work. As a mentally ill queer person, growing up in a household and even a time when it wasn’t okay to be queer, and not even that okay to have interests that violated gender ‘norms’, I very often felt like the Other or a Thing or Less Than. Giving shape to that feeling but making it whimsical or fun was my way of taking control of that identity and making it something positive and even powerful for me. I have always taken solace in things that are considered ‘ugly’ or ‘gross’, and in doing so I’ve come to better understand and even appreciate myself. In everything I create, I do my best to find the balance between honesty about the grotesque nature of the subject, but with the flattering shine we all tend to put on things we have great affection for.

I’m not one for subtly so for this piece I visualized what it often feels like for me to so often publicly post work that is deeply representative of me and of the things that interest and excite me. It’s exposing, but exhilarating as well! I’m so glad to able to have a place to express these ideas in a space like GenderTerror. I’ve never really been able to find the words to explain how dear the genre is to me until now!

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