An Abyssal Blind Date

genderterrorartfinalsmHi! I’m Morty, or smallmorty on tumblr . I’m your run-of-the-mill queer artist who loves to draw monsters, animals, and all kinds of gore.

Sexuality and self-expression fascinates me, especially when it’s mixed with elements of horror or fantasy. Drawing monsters and monstrous scenarios helps me cope with my frustrations and negative feelings about just about anything- even myself!

For this art, I wanted to explore the line between “scary monster” and “scary-looking, but not inherently dangerous”. There are a lot of animals (spiders, snakes, deep-sea fish, etc.) that are thought of as malicious and gross, despite the fact that they have complex, fascinating lives and behaviors.

On a more personal note, I worry a lot about how people perceive me in daily life, especially with the knowledge that coming out as anything except straight could hurt me in a real, visceral way.

But I digress.

I think you could interpret this piece two different ways. Is the creature a bloody, snarling monster, or just trying to drink coffee in peace? Is it angry or frightened? Defensive or aggressive?

I’m so glad I could contribute to GenderTerror- this was an absolute joy to work on, and I’m delighted there’s a space for people to talk more openly about what horror means to them.

This piece was made possible by our Patrons on Patreon. Support GenderTerror and its creators by becoming a part of our Patreon! Every dollar counts!


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