Beyond the Stars

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Hello friends, my name is Keetah, I am a Bisexual lady living in Southern PA with my gf and bf (I am polyamorous). The thing that matters a lot to me is love. Without my boyfriend and girlfriend, I would be a very different person with a more miserable life. I often find myself wondering if we could still be happy if something were to happen and we are the last people on Earth.

In this comic I explore that idea, taking ideas of course from The Twilight Zone and the works of Junji Ito in levels of horror. It’s been a deep fear of mine ever since I watched the episode ‘The Midnight Sun‘.  Then I made the mistake of reading Hellstar Remina. In these works of fiction, everyone must witness the end of life itself.  The horrible thing is that such things CAN happen (perhaps minus a living planet that eats other planets). It’s why I push so strongly for the colonization of Mars. We are too fragile here.  Something could happen and shatter us all into a million pieces. There is no justice in space, it simply is, and we must live with that horrible fact.

But yet, human kind’s greatest strength is the ability to love. Two lone Astronauts on the International Space Station manage to survive the destruction of the planet. The last two human beings in the universe, but yet, they love each other. They can find comfort in each other as they drift in a tin can in space. These two women not only crossed barriers by loving each other, but also through race and borders. (Lynn is a black American, Iskra is a white Russian.) Love is what defines us as human beings, and with the last two humans left in the universe, they must keep that love alive.

They have a year to live that they know of. Even with the world dead around them, they still have each other. It’s a short time in hindsight, but when you have someone you love, perhaps it isn’t that bad. Who knows what could happen in a year?

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