I’ve always been a tad obsessed with death. It’s one of those big topics that’s intrigued me and frightened me ever since I was old enough to grasp it (and honestly even before then — when you’re raised Catholic, you tend to hit the ground running when it comes to visual depictions of death and mortality.) So, as is my nature as an erotic horror artist to do with all things that have shaken me to my core in some way, shape, or form, I twist my fears into fetishes — after all, it can’t scare you if it’s sexy. Or, well, maybe it still can scare you but at least now it’s been distanced just enough via sexualization which makes tackling the fear just a bit easier. And as someone who’s overcome some medical maladies and is convinced he’s on borrowed time as it is, looking ahead to a future of transition — socially, surgically, perhaps even hormonally — and all the side effects and repercussions that being trans and visibly queer can bring feels so very often like staring Death right in its rotting, terrifying, inevitable face. So might as well embrace it…

My name’s K. M. Claude (or Claude for short) and you can mainly find me and all my deliciously problematic horror comics at, on, on twitter @kmclaude or @marquisdeclaude if you’re over eighteen, and on instagram. I’m also the force behind the erotic grotesque collaborative zine series NANSENSU.

Our posts are 100% Patreon funded! If you want to see early posts, full resolution art, and WIPs, please consider supporting us on Patreon!


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