List of All Works

June 2016:

Body Political

Orlando: Not the First, Not the Last

November 2015:

SOMA: A Trans-Simon Experience

October 2015:

SOMA: The WAU, the Monsters, and You.

August 2015:

The Impact of School Environments on LGBTQ Youth

May 2015:

An Interview with Transgender Faith Leader Stephanie Mott

Gaming in Color: An Interview with Director and Producer Philip Jones

April 2015:

Implied and Rarely Said: Queer Sexualities and Genders in Media

Queering Religion

December 2014:

Righteously Mad

How to Form a Sincere Apology

November 2014:

GamerGate: Ethics? What Ethics?

One Word

October 2014:

Short and Long-Term Effects of Family Rejection on LGBTQ Youth

September 2014:

On Manning Up: What Makes A Man

The Assumed Male Default: Misogynist

August 2014:

An Open Letter to XSEED: Words Above People

The Hate Culture of Gaming

The Feminine Threat

July 2014:

Dysphoric Reality

The Tokenization of Relationships

June 2014:

What ARE You?: Confusion in a Confusing World

Trans Masculine/Feminine: The Recreated Binary

May 2014:

How Much Do You Hate Yourself, @RuPaul?

Drag, Counter Culture, and Transmisogyny

On Tolerating Hate

We Are Failing Our Queer Youth

Trans Exclusionary ‘Radical’ Feminists Aren’t That Radical

April 2014:

When (MTV’s) ‘Faking It’ Becomes Reality

When Clicks Mean More Than Violence

You Mean Laugh AT Us

Dysphoria Not Required

Gaming Culture and Safe Spaces

March 2014:

Straight Men: Ya’ll Are GAY

The Myth of Slacktivism

Speak Out, Act Up

The Families We Create

Not A Performance: Jared Leto and the Media

I Am Not Your Poster Child

Cis Privilege

February 2014:

Collection: My Body, My Identity, My Voice

Fire Fighting Fire

Southern Poverty Law Center: TERFs are a hate group


I Hate Allies

HB 87, Birth Certificates, and Genitals

January 2014:

Misgendering is Violence

The Internet Saved My Life

Media’s Giant (Trans*) Exploitation Problem

Dear Cis People

Personal, Political, Intimate

22 Years: My Body

December 2013:

Through Labels We Exist

Detransition And Trans* Regret

Buck Angel And Transgasm: The Issues

My Body Is My Own

Experience Versus Being

November 2013:

Trans 101: Misconceptions

Compliments and Intent

Remembering ALL Our Dead: Transgender Day of Remembrance

Bathrooms and Prejudice


Double Standards

Hey Hey HRC

Faces of Trans*phobia: Victoria Brownworth

You Can’t Ignore the Bug

October 2013:

A Review of Transmisogyny Embodied: Cathy Brennan

Cathy Brennan & TERFs Hate Women

Where Academia Fails: Trans* Inclusion/Education

No Obligation in Education

“Won’t Someone Think of the Children!?”

Where Do We Belong?: Gender and Privilege

September 2013:

Kanye vs Kimmel: Racism

Sex is Dead

Our Lives: Rebellion

Silence Kills

Trans* Media Guide


August 2013:

Borderline Personality Disorder and My Experiences

Problematic Allies

Why Allowing Chelsea Manning to Transition is Vital

Chelsea Manning and the Media

Words Matter: The Affects of Bully on Queer Youth

Gender: Peacock

Why Tolerance Isn’t Acceptable

Why Places Like Autostraddle are Awesome (and Needed)

LGB……t Pride: The Non-Existence of Trans* People At Pride Events

The Homeless Epidemic Among Queer Youth

Gender Stereotypes and Cisnormativity in Ads

Plight of Queer Youth

The Power of Conformity

The ‘Innocence’ of Jokes

I Am Valid

Attention! This is Not a Trend

Do Not Use

Lacking Narrative


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